Telephone Banking / IVR

Our telephone banking option lets you leverage your alternate delivery channels while at the same time giving your customers efficient, reliable, and fast access to their accounts 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Individuals are able to manage accounts, transfer money, pay and manage bills and more.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) supports text to speech and speech recognition. As an integral part of our internet banking product, "smartMOUTH" (as it is also known) will "speak" to your customers and tell them your office hours, your branch and ATM locations, your savings, loan, certificate and mortgage rates and much more. At your customers' (fully secured) requests, smartMOUTH will retrieve and impart account, loan and certificate balances, due dates, payment amounts and available credit. transfer funds between savings, chequing and loan accounts, do cheque withdrawals and pay utility bills.

For your customers, IVR provides economical, secure and private 24-hour banking, even from remote locations, in a fast, hassle-free, no waiting manner. For you, IVR helps to improve staff efficiency, provides you with fee income potential, aids in paper reduction, offers you economical, 24-hour service delivery, provides you with statistical reports and fosters member accountability.

 Download Telephone Banking IVR Product Fact Sheet