• Studying Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto
  • Spent 4 months at SmartSolution (September 2017 - December 2017)
  • Worked with HTML/CSS, Javascript, and Java
  • Follow me at 4everZard on Github
My Experience

Working at Smart Solution is an experience that I have never had before. As a member of the Developer team, I really enjoyed every aspect of being a developer. I've never seen anywhere that cares about its co-ops as much as Smart Solution does. The company has supported my growth from the very beginning. I'd say the best part of the Smart Solution internship experience is that you're treated like a full-time employee through and through. The projects I worked on were challenging, highly collaborative. Four months isn't a long time, but Smart Solution invested into my professional development the way they do for full-time engineers - and a ton of fun, learning, and contribution!

Working at Smart Solution is an absolutely rewarding experience, and I'd recommend my position to everyone. Special thanks to my team for a co-op term filled with fun, learning, and a lifetime of experiences!

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