• Studying Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto
  • Worked at Smart Solution during Summer 2017
  • Joined the Business Analyst team, assisted the Quality Assurance team
My Experience

Smart Solution was an ideal place for my first student co-op job. The teams are very friendly and welcoming to new student members. My coworkers were patient when I was settling into the workplace and encouraged me to ask for any clarification when needed. I mostly kept to myself and I was glad that employees from other teams took the initiative to converse with me. Also, the atmosphere among the team members is very productive and open-minded.

It was amazing to be part of projects at Smart Solution. I learned a lot about banking, business analysis, software development, and quality assurance procedures. Gaining knowledge outside of my university major was very beneficial. I witnessed all the meticulous detailing that gets put into designing and improving software before it is deployed. Not only must there be optimization in programming algorithms but the user experience must be optimized too. That is one of the big takeaways I received from working at Smart Solution.

It was an honour and pleasure to be part of their team.

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