smartsolution employs top-notch systems programmers and software developers with excellent knowledge of JAVA (JSP, Servlets, JDBC), Javascript, HTML and XML. Expertise in DOM, Joomla and/or PHP would be a definite asset.  Experience with Spring, iBATIS, Velocity, Eclipse, Tomcat, Struts and/or Linux would be additional assets.  A background in designing and enhancing programs specifically suited to the financial services industry would be a highly desirable attribute.

Our programming staff has solid experience in the development of multi-tiered applications, is seasoned in front-end UI development, has good knowledge of SQL, has experience with databases and is adept at testing and debugging code.  All work well on their own but at the same time feel very comfortable to participate as an integral part of a team, especially on larger scale projects and developments.

Typical duties of one of our programmers / developers would consist of:

  • Maintaining, supporting and enhancing current software written in Java
  • Developing written specifications as requested
  • Developing add-on modules and components for existing and new financial platforms
  • Performing QA of implemented screens or code against original design specifications
  • Preparing graphic designs and graphic page elements
  • Converting front end graphic designs into HTML code
  • Ensuring that the development and documentation of standards are maintained
  • Providing implementation and training assistance on new modules as required
  • Testing, troubleshooting and resolving bugs in code

If you have the background and some solid experience in several or all of these areas, then we would like to hear from you!  Contact information is found on our "Contact Us" page.