Mobile & SMS Banking

Our mobile offering provides solutions to four popular access methods:

Mobile Banking – allows an institution's members to access their accounts through a secure browser on their mobile phone or handheld device. Mobile banking works in conjunction with an institution's existing "ibank" internet banking server (an integral part of all smartsolution platforms) and provides most of the same functionality as the "ibank" system does currently, but has been specifically designed to work with the reduced screen sizes available on mobile phones today.

SMS Banking – allows an institution's members to access the most popular account transactions simply by sending and receiving text messages from their mobile phone. SMS banking will currently support the following functionalities:

  • Check account balances
  • Look at transaction history
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Bill Payments… and more!

Mobile Apps – allows smartsolution to provide fully branded Mobile Apps for both Android and iOS Smartphones allowing your customers enhanced in-app functionality such as remote cheque deposits.

Mobile Alerts – allows an institution's members to set up specific alerts on the banking system about which they wish to be notified, in real time. They will have the ability to set thresholds based on Dollar amounts, frequency and their preferred method of receiving the alert (email, text or both).

Alerts can also be configured to deliver opted in marketing messages should an institution wish to do focused marketing campaigns.

Some of the alert types that can be delivered are:

  • Low balance warning
  • Daily balance update
  • Deposit confirmation
  • ATM transaction confirmation
  • Withdrawal confirmation
  • Payroll deposit confirmation… and more!

With the smartsolution mobile suite of products you can rest assured that your member’s security and privacy are never compromised as all information is securely maintained on your own banking platform and not on someone else’s systems somewhere on the Internet.


 Download Mobile and SMS Banking Product Fact Sheet