Remote Backup

The smartsolution Off-Site Data Storage Service provides an automated solution to confidently copy an Institution's data and programs to our secure backup data centre in Ontario.  Once per night, an automated task running on the institution's local system initiates a copy of its data files and program files to a secure partition on one of our back-up servers.  This effectively eliminates the need for the institution to manually make nightly back-ups off-site.

Data is transmitted using a secure connection (SSL – Secure Socket Layer) to our centre and restricted to a dedicated IP address.  Built upon private key encryption technology, SSL provides data encryption, server authentication; message integrity and client authentication for any TCP/IP connection ensuring all data is sent securely. All data is also encrypted on the backup server(s).

The process is fully automated and utilizes the institution's already existing internet connection to transfer the files overnight, typically at off-peak Internet hours.  Files are compressed prior to transmission reducing transfer time.

The data is retained for the following time periods:

  • Seven  (7) “daily” files stored on a rotating basis
  • Twelve (12) “monthly” files stored on a rotating basis