Financial institutions form the foundation on which all business enterprises operate. The managing individuals in any financial institution are well aware of the stringent requirement of having an effective and an efficient bank management system to operate the enterprise. The system is expected to be reliable, succinct and speedy for managing the complex financial transactions. It should provide best-in-class security features and must be able to build a feeling of confidence and trust among customers. The user interface should be both friendly and intuitive, allowing for easy, uncomplicated operation by the banking staff.

  • Since inception of the company in 1985, Smart Solution has strived to become a leader in providing banking-management systems that fulfill the needs of specific financial institutions. Smart Solution systems are designed in accordance with the latest reliable, state-of-the-art technology. As such, they offer a long term commitment of trust and efficacy to the financial institution.  Its systems have proven to be cost-efficient, dependable and robust in operations, and they perfectly accommodate the versatile needs of customer-driven products and services..
  • Smart Solution is also a forerunner in providing information management systems to financial institutions..Being the best in their class to match the sophisticated needs of financial institutions, such systems are versatile enough to adjust to competitive pressures and to regulatory needs as they change.
  • Smart C.U.T. is one of its banking platforms and was developed to address the changing requirements of accounting, transactions management, data management, market research and customer service. Smart C.U.T. is being used by over thirty clients around Canada, the USA, Central America and the Caribbean, and it has successfully grown into a modern,  savvy and cost-efficient banking management system.
  • Vision 2000 is another banking platform which was absorbed by Smart Solution some years ago.  And while most of our clients using this system have steadily migrated to our third and most advanced banking platform, we still actively support this platform with dedicated staff.
  • universa is our third and most advanced, modern banking platform.  It was designed and built to be user-friendly,highly efficient and cost-effective, taking into consideration all of the latest trends and practises in the industry to provide its clients with a robust, state-of-the-art, all encompassing banking system. Institutions are able to get a competitive edge in the prevalent, fast moving finance industry by using this full-featured, dynamic and fully integrated system. Smart Solution now has more than ten clients in Canada using the new universa platform.