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Revolutionize Retail Banking

     Innovative Banking Solutions to Maximize Profits, Streamline Operations, and Expand Your Customer Base.

Retail Banking


Better serve and engage your members

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Ensuring regulatory compliance at a banking host level saves time and enhances the security of your bank.

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Customer Availability

Strengthening client relationships with user-centric tools and configurable products.

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Improved customer experience & expanded product offerings means opportunity for growth.

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Core System

Our Universa Core banking system is the heart of bank innovation. The component tools aligns with banking goals for growth and member satisfaction.

Simplified Member On-boarding: Dedicated new member onboarding process that reduce time for member profile creation.

Efficient Transaction Processing: New posting terminal embedded into member profile views enabling simple transaction processing.

Member Based Account Structure: View all accounts associated with a member directly in one view.

Comprehensive CRM: Simply pull information on clients to support marketing initiatives and outreach.

Agile Reporting Tools: Daily, weekly, monthly, annual automated reporting & fully customizable query builder to support finding any and all information housed in your system.

Member Fees Management: Dedicated products to automate collection of fees, data integrated into client reporting.

Digital Engagement

Digitally integrated products enable your bank to facilitate communication and streamline services. Smart Solutions UniFi Mobile & Desktop products are the backbone to 24/7 accessible services. Transform how clients interact with your bank digitally, using our sophisticated suite of online tools to support communication, streamlined services, and improved digital accessibility

Member Initiated Account Creation: Enable clients to create their digital banking accounts without CU interference.

Complete Account View: Clients can easily view all balances of accounts directly in the mobile application or an internet browser.

Account Transfers: Facilitate account transfers between member accounts, both within the same member or inter-clients.

Bill Payments: Clients can pay bills directly through the digital banking suite, from bills to top-ups.

Alerts: Ensure member accounts are kept safe by providing them with alerts for varying types of actions, from large transfers to password changes.

Member Profile Modifications: Enable clients to change their profile information directly through the digital banking application.

Retail Banking Engagement
Retail Banking Loan Origination

Loans Origination

Improve your revenue growth using Smart Solutions Loan Origination System (LOS). Lending is the revenue backbone for banks, and a system that enables simplified disbursement and comprehensive management is critical.

Loans Calculator: Share different loan options with clients, providing them with a simple view to decide on the best loan option for them.

Simplified Loan Creation: Loan details are automatically populated based off client data to enable a simple loan creation process.

Approval Levels: Define an approval process that ensures appropriate loan officers' & managers' sign-offs on loan disbursement.

Recoupment Alerts: Enable alerts that trigger messages to clients when loan payments are upcoming to ensure timely payments.

Automated Recoupment: Enable direct payoff of a loan through a clients' paycheck to reduce loan repayment risk.

Loan Analytics: A complete query builder and automated reports to ensure complete understanding of your loans book.

Partnership Network

Over 50 years of operating we've developed strong relationships with many critical parties in the financial institution sector. Whether you're looking for integrations with our partners, or introductions to their services, please send us a message.

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